Workplace Yoga can now be held via Zoom, making it even easier to incorporate yoga into your workplace offerings. Your work team can join from the comfort and safety from their own home. The perfect way to break up the day and tend to our wellbeing as we navigate incredibly challenging times.

When we are healthy we are able to take on challenges and thrive in life rather than simply survive. We can be the best versions of ourselves.

Yoga is an ancient practice that improves our physical and mental health in a multitude of ways, and boosts energy levels.

Caring about your employee’s mental health and wellbeing is now more important that ever in the hectic world that we live in (especially during a pandemic). Mental health awareness has increased hugely over the last few years, and providing workplace yoga demonstrates an appreciation of employee’s wellbeing, welfare and health.  

There is a lot to gain from introducing yoga to your workplace. ‘Slow & Flow’ takes a more mindful approach to yoga,  with a strong focus on caring for mental wellbeing as well as supporting physical health. Refreshing and replenishing both body and mind and providing employees with some much needed TLC and time for self-care.


The ideal antidote to days spent at your desk or on your feet, a corporate yoga class will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body and induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing and meditation practices.

A yoga class to break up the day or before or after work has been proven to have many benefits in the workplace, which include:

  • General wellbeing and happiness in the workplace
  • Boosts business moral
  • Improved concentration and decision making skills
  • Decline in stress-related sickness
  • An energy boost for employees and as a result improved productivity end efficiency.
  • Improved alertness
  • Improved customer service
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Relief of head, neck and back strain, repetitive strain injury, high blood pressure and insomnia, among other work related injuries
  • Providing your employees with a tool kit to take care of themselves

Classes can be tailored exactly to suit your company and employee’s needs. Classes are usually 60 minutes but can be lengthened for a fully immersive yoga and relaxation experience, or shortened to a 45 minute compact class.

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