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Each class offers a safe and welcoming space for all. You don’t need to have any experience of practicing yoga.


Classes take a trauma-informed approach and and are mental health aware. They provide a space where choice and exploration are celebrated in a safe and mindful way.


Class Passes: 

  • Online Standard – £7
  • Reduced rate – £6.00

Reduced rate applies for those who are currently on a low income or unemployed and NHS staff.


January Block Booking Deals:

  • Unlimited January Classes: £30
  • 5 classes for £25 (8 week expiry)

Join these online classes from the safety and comfort of your own home.


Mindful Hatha Yoga:

‘Rise ‘n’ Shine – Wednesdays 7-8am – Via Zoom 

Feel Good Friday – Fridays  9-10am – Via Zoom

Set the tone for your day. Take the time to ground, move from a place of connection, and replenish for the day ahead.

Find balance and calm, as well as strength and flexibility, in the body and mind.

Reconnecting to our incredible bodies.

What to expect: An adapted Hatha yoga flow to open up the body and cultivate energy for the day ahead. After this we’ll slow it back down and gently move towards a place of rest ending with a guided relaxation/meditation.


Slow & Soothe 

Thursdays 7-8.00pm via Zoom

A gentle and stress relieving embodied flow.

This class provides the opportunity to really slow things down, move to your own rhythm, breathe, restore and rest.

Taught with a trauma-informed and mental health aware approach, Slow & Soothe provides a time to reclaim our bodies and cultivate agency, to really feel what we need, exploring body awareness, responsiveness and celebrating agency, choice and voice.

In these sessions we can learn the tools to begin to ground, self-soothe, self-regulate and rebalance the nervous system.

  • This practice is low in intensity.

What to expect: A slow and releasing yoga flow with embodied and somatic movement to help stretch, release energy and let go of stress and tension held in the body. We’ll then slow it down a little more by moving into some restorative shapes to move further into our healing rest and digest response and end the practice with a guided relaxation/meditation.

Yoga for Anxiety

New Dates TBA


A Mindful Yoga class suitable for ALL.

Work with your breath, body and mind to help to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Feel empowered and learn the tools to begin to manage your mental health and wellbeing.


·      Ground and re-connect to a sense of calm and clarity


·      Understand how your breath and body can bring you out of anxiety states and find balance


·      Tap into self-care, self-acceptance and self-compassion


Anxiety and anxiety disorders were already one of the greatest health issues worldwide before the Covid-19. However, for many people levels of anxiety are reaching boiling point, with 40 percent of the population reporting anxiety in any given week. 


With appropriate guidance and relevant practices there are ways of learning to manage anxiety and opportunities for personal transformation.


An inclusive class suitable for all

Mindful Chair Yoga

New Dates TBA


An accessible yoga class for everybody, regardless of ages, body or experience.


Great for those who struggle to get up and down from a yoga mat, are low in energy or are recovering from a health condition/surgery/injury.


Even if you are in good health, chair yoga can be a nourishing practice that supports you to be a little more gentle and tender with yourself.


A great practice for maintaining balance, strength, mobility and body awareness.


You’ll need a stable chair that allows your feet to comfortably touch the ground with a supportive back that you can use to help you balance if you come up to standing during the class.


Please get in touch if you have any questions about the class and what to expect or if you would prefer to arrange a 1-2-1 session.