Slow & Flow is sharing self-love and kindness through the practice of yoga.

Slow and Flow is… Mindful
Slow and Flow is… Self-Care
Slow and Flow is… Body positive
Slow and Flow is… Restorative
Slow and Flow is… Creative
Slow and Flow is… Grounding
Slow and Flow is… For Everyone

Everybody and all bodies can have access to a version of yoga that is right for them.
A common misconception is that you have to be flexible or a certain body type to do yoga…
As long as you can breathe, you can practice. The benefits should are  available for everyone.
Slow & Flow is a project aiming to make yoga accessible for all, by providing an accommodating, safe and friendly space with a variety of practices for different needs. 

I feel strongly about changing the representation of yoga to one that is inclusive for all beings. All beings should have access to the benefits of Yoga


There is something beautiful in knowing that when you show up for yoga it is just you, your mind, and your body on the mat.
The whole of you.
Your time for self-enquiry.
To pause.
To listen.
To look inside.
Your time to just be.

Taking time for the care and love that we deserve.


I provide classes that integrate self-love, compassion and mindfulness, whilst building strength and flexibility of the body and mind. Through asanas, breath, relaxation and meditation we can cultivate self-awareness and strengthen our relationship with ourselves. By doing this we in turn strengthen our relationship with the world around us.

Classes will often focus on different themes of mindfulness.

Body Positive

Simply noticing and being mindful about the ways in which we speak to ourselves can change a lot. 
Slow & Flow classes provide a time to move with love… an hour to work with our bodies rather than work on them. By moving and inviting in kindness we can reestablish a sense of appreciation and gratitude for our beautiful and incredible bodies.

There will always be options for modifications and adjustments during the sessions.


Take some YOU time! Setting time aside for your wellbeing is one of the best and most wonderful things you can do for yourself.

Our world is hectic and we can’t keep running on low batteries. Self-care is nor selfish or indulgent… it is an essential.

Find empowerment by showing up for yourself and taking your wellbeing into your own hands. Slow & Flow is a refreshing break and rejuvenation from a hectic world.


Slow & Flow classes are a ‘moving meditation.’ By using the breath and the body as an anchor we can come into the present moment. We can listen to what’s going on here and now, and bring our perhaps racing minds back to the present.


Slow & Flow has been created to help people in times of need, whether you’re recovering from physical or mental health conditions, or emotional trauma. Or simply healing in other ways as humans do.

Slow & Flow sessions encourage and create a safe space for healing. Teaching the magical healing benefits of Yoga.

Having discovered this myself, through my own recovery journey, I am so excited to share what I have learnt with others.

If you’re currently struggling with your health and have any enquiries, please say hello and get in touch.


Yoga can be fun, a time for you to let loose, and let go of what no longer serves. A time alone or with friends to find out what your body needs. It doesn’t need to always be taken too seriously; you can be playful in your discovery each session.

Slow & Flow is a project that gives me the chance to channel my own creativity into super lovely classes for you to enjoy and let go.


Slow & Flow aims to create a sense of community. When coming to a yoga class we show up for an hour of our day with a vast array of different things going on in our lives, but we are all coming together to take the time for ourselves. Maybe we can find comfort in the knowledge of this and in sharing the space with an array of beautiful souls.


Check out the menu above for specialised classes and workshops: 

– Yoga for stress

– Yoga for anxiety

– Stress management with yoga and mindfulness workshop

– Restorative classes, Chair Yoga and Self-care classes and workshops TBA