I am a qualified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga instructor, having graduated from my 200h YTT in Varkala, India in 2019. I have since completed additional trainings in ‘Yoga for Stress and Burnout’, ‘Yoga Therapeutics’, ‘Chair Yoga’ and ‘Yoga for Anxiety and Depression’.

 I discovered yoga in 2017 while recovering from various serious health struggles, both mental and physical. 

When I was studying ‘Creative Direction’ at university in London, my life spiraled out of control as I battled depression. This developed into a serious eating disorder and anorexia followed by further physical health issues and the discovery of hydrocephalus and a benign tumour. 

The journey with these struggles changed the way that I see life, live life and amplified my compassionate nature. On reflection I can find many positives in these struggles happening at a young age. 

During my recovery I discovered mindfulness, yoga and meditation; something I had previously believed, (like many people) to be beyond my capabilities and ‘not for someone like me’. I was wrong. It changed my life. 

I learnt to manage my mental health through yoga and meditation, as well as rebuilding my physical strength and most importantly a positive relationship with my body. I was awakened to the ways in which I had been mistreating myself. Learning to live mindfully played a huge part in aiding my recovery and managing the eating disorder and depression.

Before discovering yoga I struggled to relax and be kind to myself, in fact I was pretty awful to myself. Right from the start I fell in love  and began to practice whenever I could find the time. A personal transformation began to take place with the relationships between my self, my mind, my body and the world. I believe that my recovery would’ve been a very different story with out it. I had never realised before, that yoga could be so accessible. Each person will interact with yoga in their own way, and that’s okay!

I became aware of 200H Yoga Teacher Training Courses, that take place all over the world, and felt an instant desire to learn. I wanted to delve deeper into the teachings of yoga and its origins, to reconnect further with myself, and eventually help others as I has been helped.


In 2019 I travelled to Varkala in India to complete a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, a life changing experience from which I graduated as a classical Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I chose to undergo the training in Varkala because it seemed like the perfect place to learn about the origins, theory and traditional practices of yoga. I returned inspired, and began preparing to teach classes alongside my current job at the time.

Life took another unexpected turn later in 2019. I had 2 more emergency brain surgeries, the second being a much more risky operation to completely remove the tumour. This was a more invasive surgery, with a longer and more arduous recovery. It was an extremely difficult time, but has once again made me even stronger. This time, I had all the tools I had learnt previously under my belt, as well as a much better understanding of my body. This allowed me to grow further and learn alongside my recovery.

You can’t change what life throws at you, but you CAN change how to respond to it and look after your health and wellbeing as best you can.

I felt empowered taking the next stages of my recovery into my own hands and used it to further my journey of self-enquiry and self-care.

I feel a huge sense of gratitude that I am now healthy enough and able to support myself with these tools. I aim to never take that power for granted, and hope that this is something I can share with you….

The wonder of valuing your relationship with yourself and re-connecting. This power can be in so many different shapes and forms.

Immediately I knew all I wanted to do was to teach yoga and share the remarkable insights I had learnt with others. 

I hope that my mindful approach to life, full of gratitude and love, can help others on their journeys

I am sharing my story to give others an understanding of how you can turn the challenging times and the good times into something even more beautiful. We are ever changing and growth is always possible. Stronger connections with ourselves can open up new worlds.

Yoga, relaxation and mindfulness, once discovered, can be empowering tools used for life.


Love and light,


Isabella xxx